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Books I read in 2021


"Infinite Jest" David Foster Wallace (started in 2020, finished 2021)

"The Fisherman" John Langan "Cloud Atlas" David Mitchell "My absolute darling" Gabriel Tallent "The remains of the day" Kazuo Ishiguru "White City" Kevin Power "Luster" Raven Leilani "Underworld" Don DeLillo (re-read) "Gravity's Rainbow" Thomas Pynchon (audiobook) "Line" Niall Bourke "The Echo Chamber" John Boyne "The complex" Michael Walters "Bar sotto il mare" Stefano Benni "Hurricane Season" Fernandina Melanchor "The invisible railroad" Colson Whitehead "Firestarter" Stephen King "A shock" Keith Ridgway "Psychros" Charlene Elsby "A Ghost in the throat" Doireann Ní Ghríofa "Tender is the flesh" Augustina Bazterrica "Reality and other stories" John Lanchester Stories from "Horrorology" edited by Stephen Jones Story from "Show them a good time" Nicole Flattery Stories from "Blank Pages" Bernard McLaverty Stories from "Fugitive" by David Butler


"Berlusconi's Shadow" David Lane "Such stuff as dreams" Keith Oatley (re-read) "Lighter than my shadow" Katie Green "On writing" Stephen King "Is there a book in you?" Alison Beaverstock Poetry

"Outside History" Eaven Boland

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