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Andrew Verlaine

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About Andrew Verlaine

I write satirical and speculative fiction. My work will appeal to fans of books such as Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell, Line by Niall Bourke, Haunted by Chuck Palahniuk, Reality and Other Stories by John Lanchester and the TV series Black Mirror

I live and work in Dublin. I have been published in Carta (fiction), The Irish Independent and The Psychologist (non-fiction). 

I enjoy reading anything that's a bit scary or disturbing or anything that makes me laugh, although I particularly enjoy anything that combines genre elements with a literary quality or a bit of experimentation. 

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Current novel: Stigmaplay

The Committee have offered June Mendelson her dream job – beta testing the world’s most immersive virtual reality technology.

The VR narrative follows clients of psychiatrist Dr Virgil Birmingham, as his community struggles with the aftermath of a shooting spree. By plugging you into the minds of people with psychological disorders, this technology purports to reduce stigma.

However, as June follows these stories, she begins to suspect the Committee have a different agenda.

Praise for "Stigmaplay" (based on extracts submitted to workshops and Novel Fair):

“Explosive, disturbing and highly original.” (Niamh Campbell, author of "This Happy").

“Very vivid, very well-written…very brave!” (William Ryan, author of "House of Ghosts").

“Immediately grabbed me…has a timing that’s just right in terms of where the technology is and where it might go” (Rick O’Shea, RTÉ broadcaster and judge of Novel Fair 2021, runs Ireland’s largest book club).

STIGMAPLAY will be published by Vine Leaves Press in Feburary 2025. You can check out their other books here: 

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